Ali and Bryan's Wedding by Liberty Lake at Zephyr Lodge


Please press play and listen as you slowly scroll, taking in each image. 

This venue beckoned a free spirited, barefooted, “frolic through the woods” kind of wedding. Ali and Bryan’s longstanding relationship since high school was beautifully
exemplified in the height and power of the trees that decorated this cabin set venue
in the woods.

The blankets that cushioned Ali’s bare feet as she made her way down the aisle to
share vows with Bryan, created such a comfortable and raw setting for the entire
day. Her care-free spirit and his strong love was effortlessly portrayed as each
personal detail unraveled to create a beautiful wedding in the woods.
As the sunlight danced on the ceremony grounds, it couldn’t have been a more
perfect backdrop for the sweet and joyous love that was expressed between Ali and
Bryan. What a special day.

Hope your eyes have had as much joy absorbing these photos as I had shooting this
beautiful couple at Zephyr Lodge.

I humbly thank you for viewing!