Shane and Hannah's Iceland Elopement on the Dyrhólaey Cliffs, Black Sand Beaches, Vik and Selandjafoss


Please press play and listen as you slowly scroll, taking in each image. 

As a photographer, the first thing I noticed when stepping off the plane into the inspiring wide-open country, Iceland, was the essence of ever-changing light that seemed to plead for a romantic vow exchange between a beautiful couple. The saying, “Iceland is every photographer’s dream” could never have rang more true during this shoot and as you look through my favorites of this special day, I hope you too get to step into this eye-candy of a country and experience the rush of emotion (and power of a waterfall) alongside this couple.

Another thing that was apparent was the breath and movement of the country. As the bride, Hannah’s dress blew in the wind, so did the country bring a sense of variety, depth, and fluid motion to each place we shot.

We met up with the endearing couple, Hannah and Shane at the Vik i Myrdal Church and started the shoot by allowing the longstanding structure to set a tone of simplicity and grace. Hannah and Shane had a natural sense of “togetherness” that is every traveling photographer’s dream when not knowing exactly where and what each setting would look like. These two made an already stunning backdrop look so natural and belonging.

We then moved on to the Dyrhólaey Cliffs and as you can see in the progression of photos, the landscape was as quaint as ever including local homes and farms. What a beautiful place to call home! Hannah and Shane will now forever hold this place as a piece of home in their hearts as these cliffs were the place they shared their vows of commitment and the exchanging of rings to each other. The entire day was very moving.

Just below the cliffs were the Black Sand Beaches. We made our way down to the beach and noticed what looked and felt like Oreo cookie crumbs, turned out to be the most magical basaltic landscape for this elopement. I will never forget those crunchy Oreo bits under my shoes.

At the end of our small journey back towards Reykjavik, we stopped off at the beautiful waterfalls of Iceland, Selandjafoss. What a captivating experience to feel the power of the water rush down the cliff as the mist slapped my face with beads as cold as ice. It was truly one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen.

What an honor it was to be a part of this moment of union with Hannah and Shane and to gratefully walk the grounds of what seemed like an entirely new world of beauty, serenity, and power. Such a fitting place for love to be outwardly expressed.

I hope you have enjoyed stepping into this day as much as I did and I thank you immensely for taking a glance at some of my favorites.

Gorgeous florals by: Bloma Nattura

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